Friday, October 19, 2012

Scrabble Gods

The game of Scrabble has the following tiles/point structure:
English-language editions of Scrabble contain 100 letter tiles, in the following distribution:
  • 2 blank tiles (scoring 0 points)
  • 1 pointE ×12A ×9I ×9O ×8N ×6R ×6T ×6L ×4S ×4U ×4
  • 2 pointsD ×4G ×3
  • 3 pointsB ×2C ×2M ×2P ×2
  • 4 pointsF ×2H ×2V ×2W ×2Y ×2
  • 5 pointsK ×1
  • 8 pointsJ ×1X ×1
  • 10 pointsQ ×1Z ×1
I bring this up since someone I know was playing Scrabble online and it allowed them to use Jesus as a word. According to the chart above, that means the word “Jesus” is only a 12 word score. To me, being the son of God that he should be worth more than 12 points. It could be worse, God Himself is only worth 5 points.

This got me wondering. If we can use other important religious figures even mythological names, how much would they be worth, and which person is really the best word score. The scores do not include double, triple letter or word scores.

Greek Gods:

Aphrodite        15 points
Apollo              8 points
Ares                 4 points
Artimus            9 points
Athena             9 points
Cronos             8 points
Demeter          10 points
Dionysus         12 points
Eros                 4 points
Hades              9 points
Hera                7 points
Hermes            11 points
Pan                  5 points
Poseidon         11 points
Zeus                13 points

The next group to visit the Norse Gods. Like the Greek Gods, I do not list every single God and Goddess. If I did, the list would be very long, and frankly I’m too lazy at times to go through all the lists. So I went through and picked the ones I felt should belong on the list cause chances are, they’re the most noticeable or recognizable. If you do not recognize them, then go look them up and learn some mythology.

Norse Gods:

Baldr                8 points
Eir                     3 points
Forseti             10 points
Freyja              19 points
Freyr                11 points
Hel                    6 points
Kvasir              13 points
Lofn                  7 points
Loki                  8 points
Odin                 5 points
Sol                    3 points
Thor                 7 points
Tyr                   6 points

This time I’ll hit the Egyptian Gods. Once again, I picked the Gods I wanted for the list. If you want the full list of Gods, do some research, you’ll learn quite a bit as well as interesting stories.

Egyptian Gods:

Amun              6 points
Anubis             8 points
Bast                 6 points
Geb                 6 points
Hathor             12 points
Horus              8 points
Isis                   4 points
Nut                  3 points
Osiris               6 points
Ra                    2 points
Sehkmet          16 points
Wadjet             17 points

Now I have not tried these names to see if you can use them while playing Scrabble. Either way, it was quite interesting seeing the points. The Gods for life, love, and basic survival scored more than those for death and war. It's amazing, we can make the Gods with the proper priorities worth more in Scramble, but make the least scoring Gods our priorities as a human race.

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