Saturday, September 15, 2012

Netflix, I love you really, but...Part Three

Here we go, third installment, and should be the last.

Netflix should allow user profiles on accounts. Allow 5 profiles per account. The purpose of multiple profiles is so different family members can have their own Netflix tailored to their profile. The first profile set up will be the main user, be it a parent, or main subscriber paying for Netflix. The following features should be allowed for profiles:

·         The main profile has full access to all profiles.
·         The main profile can be password protected.
·         The main profile can control access viewed by other profiles to limited movie ratings or categories.
·         The main profile can give full access to other profiles may act like the main profile for access purposes.
·         Each profile will have their own instant queue to view.
·         The main profile(s) will have access to view all instant queues.
·         If the Netflix account has DVD queue as well, the main profile(s) can few all movies in the DVD queue and rearrange as desired.
·         Non main profiles can view only DVD’s they have added to the queue and what number on the list without ability to modify.
·         Profiles can be named to reflex members on the account.

I’m sure there can be plenty more to be added to the list of what profiles can do. The main reason I suggest individual profiles be made is for convenience. For me, my wife and I share Netflix. In our instant queue we have over 200 items saved. To take the time to sort out hers and mine would take a very long time. Then, if more titles get added, we both add what we want, when we want and if we don’t arrange them, they just get inner mixed again.

By having separate profiles, I can add what I want, she can add what she wants, and we can access our individual queues and know its only items we want to watch separately. As an alternative, we can use a new profile for movies and shows we both are interested in, so we can easily access that profile when we are together.

By having multiple profiles, everyone in the family can have one. Having the ability to limit access and monitor can make it easier for parents. If you have young kids that can navigate Netflix without help from parents, you can make sure they don’t end up watching movies they shouldn’t be watching. Personally, I wouldn’t want my kid stumbling across a Quentin Tarantino movie. For people that do have kids, I’m sure they want every cartoon possible, and there are a lot of cartoons that can clutter up your instant queue.

Each profile should be tailored to that individual profile. Just like the site does now with suggestions based on recently viewed or movies in the queue, each profile will see suggestions for their profile only.

While having all these features on the website would be nice, I like a lot of Netflix users use a consol to watch on my TV. So naturally these features from all 3 parts should be made accessible on the consoles. So when you go to Netflix, the first thing that appears is the profiles to select, and you can go about your merry way watching that profiles queue. There should also be category on the consoles to easily switch between profiles. So if my wife is watching in her queue, then I come home, we can easily switch to the profile we share to watch what we want.

As I said before, this would be a huge revamp of the websites, as well as the console for Netflix viewing. But with such features, it makes Netflix more appealing, in my opinion, and making everything for family/user friendly can make it more desirable over the competition. Will Netflix ever see this? I don’t know. If people think they should, then I say go ahead and show them this, see if they take it under consideration.

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