Monday, August 27, 2012

My political party can beat your political party

One of the big things with American’s is stating your political party because as American’s what political party you’re in, really means jack squat, but we make it seem like it is. American’s are very stick and structured on what they believe and their political party. I think I’d be more scared to be in a room with one democrat and a republic than in a room with a blood and a crip. To clarify, I’d be more scared by having to listen to the democrat and republic argue like neither one can do no wrong.

Am I a democrat or a republican? Answer: neither. Am I an independent? Answer: doubtful, mostly because there have been a couple various versions of independents, and I don’t even think they know what they stood for. No offense to anyone who is an independent. I consider myself an American, not to be mistaken with the American party, or the know-nothing party. I like and support ideas from both parties, but can’t say I waver for one party over the other.

I personally think the country would be heading in the right direction if both parties understood that neither side is correct on its own. If congress would get their own heads out of their asses, the country could see some improvement sometime soon. But there is no bipartisanship happening in congress. Both sides think they are right and do not budge to even consider what the other side has to offer. It’s this thinking that’s given this congress it’s lowest approval rating in history, so far.

Now to compare what democrats, republicans, and I believe I found a good website that compared the two for me, and then I will add my opinions to them. The website I used was:

I will keep the set up the same to make the comparisons easy to follow. If you still can’t follow along, then it’s not my problem.

Economic Ideas:
Favor minimum wages and progressive taxation i.e. higher tax rates for higher income brackets.

Believe taxes shouldn't be increased for anyone (including the wealthy) and that wages should reflect free market.

This one I am split on. Taxes should be increased a bit more for higher tax brackets. Leaving wages as a reflection of a free market allows employers to employee more. If the minimum wage is forced to increase, employers will be more inclined to decrease hiring and possibly fire people to compensate.

Stand on Military Ideas:
Decreased Spending.
Increased Spending.
I fully agree with the democrat’s. We can decrease our military spending. The cold war is over. Yes there have been cuts in the military. Bases have been closed. With limited threats, there isn’t a huge need to such a large military that we have. Technology has helped increase our power and help reduce casualties in the field. The budget for 2012 for the military is over 1 trillion. I think that’s a high enough number.

Stand on Death Penalty:
Support for the death penalty is strong among democrats but opponents are a substantial fraction.

A large majority of Republicans support the death penalty.
As of right now I am in favor of the death penalty. As I was looking into the subject of costs, it seems the costs of giving the death penalty is more than someone to be in prison for life without parole. I will investigate more and maybe do another article on the subject. So my opinion can change on this issue.

Stand on Abortion:
Should not be made illegal; support Roe v. Wade (some Democrats disagree)

Should not be legal; oppose Roe v. Wade (some Republicans disagree)

First off, abortion by definition is the loss of the fetus, by purpose or not. So a miscarriage is an abortion. A rant on a future article.

Purposeful abortions should be legal, but with stipulations. Those conceived via rape should be allowed. If the fetus show signs of permanent deformations that will not allow the child to live a normal mean of life should be allowed. There can be a few more stipulations, but at this time, those two will do for now.

Stand on Gay Marriage:
Support (some Democrats disagree)

Oppose (some Republicans disagree)

I am in support of gay marriage.

I see this as a human rights issue. In a country where all men are created equal, we fail to do so throughout the years. Slavery was a huge issue. Then the rights of blacks had to be fought to win them. The current fight for rights is homosexuals.

For those who say it’s an abomination against the Bible and therefore should not be made law. I refer to the first amendment of the constitution:
“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof”

Unfortunately, it doesn't mean states have to follow suit.

I think this was a good comparison to show where I stand. There are items missing that I will expand on in further articles. I think for the next article, I will do a comparison between the two presidential candidates and myself.

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