Monday, August 13, 2012

How do you start?

How to start out a blog? When I have never done one before. The best I figure is a giant introductory about me, with some of my views and beliefs to give a better idea of how I think. My thoughts are, if you know about the author, you can get an understanding of what you could get yourself into by reading my future posts. Hopefully my introduction post will varnish continued interest in my posts. If your one who does not see the interest to continue, then I am very sorry to lose a reader.

So, as an introduction, I think about what should be contained. I can’t think of everything that could be included. At the time of typing this, I can only think of a few points, I feel can give a decent idea of how I think. First off will be my influences into my critical thinking. Who taught me, and how they helped shape me. I also picked two other categories to start with, politics and religion.

Life experiences/ Education:

I am in no way a scholar. I do not have a complete college education. I am working on my degree in business management. With the education I’ve had, combined with the experience and teachings that have helped me be more thoughtful. While I do see myself this way, does not mean that I hold an ego thinking I am better than others, or think less of others opinions.

I have changed a lot from high school. In high school, I didn’t think about as much. I never cared what was going on in current events. I wasn’t even one to care much for the work. I felt like I was there to get through it all, with no idea what I wanted to do. It’s why I never went to college right away; I went to work out of high school. Now that things have changed, I’m now going back to school for a degree. I have been on a couple year hiatus unfortunately due to expenses and have been unable to afford the classes. I am aware of financial aid and student loans, but having issues trying to get financial aid, and I refuse to gain student loan debt.

Getting back to high school, it seems bad, but never hit a large thought of life until 12th grade English class. Everyone called him Doc. I never asked why or found out. My only theories come down to; he had a PHD. Not sure he did, but would not surprise me if he had one. Next theory, due to his facial hair, and glasses, he resembled Doc from the seven dwarves. Only other theory is that he was a fan of Back to the Future movie. For all I know, it’s a completely different reason why. Whatever the reason, he was my teacher for 12th grade.

Apparently, my posts for beginning will be longer than anticipated. That’s perfectly fine. Just means I’ll have more posts to get me going for awhile. So I think this will be a good stopping point. Stay tuned for my fun adventures in 12th grade English. I know, English doesn’t sound fun, but maybe you get something to think and ponder about, similar to what I did from that class.

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